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As a service and a distraction for the entertainment of our clients, the CPR simulator is published by Less Stress Instructional Services both for fun and as a way to exercise CPR skills.

The Bystander CPR simulator is an exercise in community emergency care. We will be adding simulations to this page periodically, so check back with us soon. Also, please allow the photographs and scripts to load completely, as some are animated and are worth the small wait in loading time.  You also must load the I/O Plug In to be able to use the newer simulations.  This is a one-time download that will allow you to take advantage of the new features of the simulators.  It happens automatically when you click on the simulator in question.

All procedures in this simulator follow the community CPR guidelines of the American Heart Association. Other courses, especially non-US courses, may have taught slightly different techniques.  These skills are also slightly different than those a healthcare professional would learn.  We will do our best to answer any e-mailed questions about the CPR simulators, but we recommend that you refer to an American Heart CPR Manual for details.  

Turn by turn simulations (better for skills review):

Adult CPR Simulator 

Child CPR Simulator

Infant CPR Simulator

Variable outcome simulations (better for clinical challenge):

Variable Outcome Occupational CPR Simulator
Simulates adult CPR with or without AED and oxygen in a bystander
occupational setting - great for corporate first aid teams
Patient outcomes change every time you play!

MERT Simulator
Custom simulations for Less Stress’ Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) program
for corporations and industry.  Exercises the basic elements of organized occupational
bystander emergency care.  Try it now!

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Referral: If you are a CPR instructor, please tell your students about our site. If you are a manufacturer of a CPR-related product, custom simulators are available to demonstrate the integration of your product into CPR and other emergency care procedures. Contact us at jmateus@lessstress.com for details.

Disclaimer: This site was created for the purpose of providing a creative means for individuals to exercise CPR skills. It is not meant to be an all-inclusive training program, nor is it meant to replace a traditional course. While it may be helpful for promoting awareness about CPR to the untrained public, we recommend you seek CPR training from a qualified source before attempting CPR on a real patient in need.